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Thomas Albert had never toyed with the idea of tripping on life as a musician-lyricist-singer.

As a church choir participant in 2004, he was doomed as a flat singer; nonetheless, he took up someone's genuine advice to learn an instrument- and so the guitar it was. With active church participation, Thomas Albert's skills in singing and rhythm guitar gradually picked up his tune and people listened.

Somewhere down that point, he began collaborating with fellow artists. His his first Classic Rock and Blues band - "Club 27"- was a one gig stint, followed by jamming with various Vadodara based artists such as Rohit Vasudevan, Varun Haran, Tom Antony and Ketan Kanjariya, amongst others. Thomas Albert mostly free-lanced as a rhythm guitarist and a backing vocalist. This lead him to being the lead vocalist for an Ahmedabad based Classic Rock & Metal band - "Immortal Knights. This journey with various artists helped him realize and zero down on his genre of comfort and interest- Pop and Pop-Rock- nonetheless, he credits his versatility to being open to other genres. 2011 saw him form a three piece acoustic blues and pop band with Skand Bhupendra and Gagan Malhotra under the name - "Cakerette", based in Vadodara. The band remained active with him for about a year and half.

Thomas Albert was himself surprised by the songwriter in him.One of his first songs - Arzoo, re-written by Dushyanth Goswamy, became one of his masterpieces. More songs found their words and rhythm in him during his phase of "Cakerette". He has also collaborated with various songwriters such as Dushyanth Goswamy, Nidhi Avinash, Krupa Gandhi, Skand Bhupendra, Ken Kenry and Gokul Prasannan.
 Early Set By Thomas Albert
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The blueFROG Bar Night is an evening devoted to the blueFROG community. Regulars as well as newcomers can come over every Tuesday for a night of mingling, bonding and chilling out. Make it your weekly hangout zone where people become familiar, prices are great and the music is always upbeat and recognisable. There are great deals on F&B including quarters all night (starting at Rs. 500 plus taxes), beer buckets (starting at Rs. 650 plus taxes) and cocktail pitchers (Rs. 1500 plus taxes) plus wine at retail prices (i.e. same as wine shop prices). Also check out our range of Craft Beers from Gateway Breweries. In music we're going old school and commercial with blueFROG's own DJ Leon Russell. So come on down to the blueFROG Bar Night. Make it YOUR night!
Retro House more
The blueFROG Bar Night feat. DJ Leon Russell
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01 Wed

Club Closed

02 Thu
Entertaining to the bone, Canadian singer/songwriter Rebecca Nazz’s music can be defined as pop with elements of soul, reggae and jazz influences. Directing and leading her backing musicians to put on a great show, she creates an energetic set that leaves audiences wanting more. Mixing in covers and originals with as a 5 piece band, trio, duo and solo act she caters to a variety of audiences with electric pop performances and intimate acoustic sets.
FunkPop more
Early Set By Rebecca Nazz
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The 3 Stylers are a very unique trio based in Mumbai. The band consists of DJ Uri (UK) on Drum Machines & Turntables, Sean Richey (USA) on Guitar & Karan Joesph (INDIA) on Keyboards. The trio's musical styles range from Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz & Electro Swing... keeping their sets very upbeat and strictly for the dance floor.
Recent gigs at Cafe Zoe & Tote in Mumbai & Sunday Soul Sante in Pune, The 3 Stylers have been getting rave reviews, showcasing their individual talents and skill levels. These guys are a modern twist on the regular band set up, but the sound the they bring is totally old school.
The Metro Show Special feat. DJ Uri & The Three Stylers
03 Fri
Azeem Banatwalla:
Azeem Banatwalla is an engineer who decided to show I.T. the finger in order to have some fun in life. He's a travel writer now, who loves embarking on exotic vacations and epic week-long road trips (like driving along Juhu Beach during Ganesh Visarjan). He believes that love is blind. Mostly because his girlfriend thinks he looks like Naseeruddin Shah.

Jaideep Singh Juneja:
Jaideep Singh Juneja aka JD is the funniest sardar since Manmohan Singh. His parents wanted him to be an astronaut when he grows up so that he can go to outer space and find his real parents. Sadly he never grew up!

Mikhail Almeida:
Mikhail is a writer, stand up comedian, improviser and a 21 year old student that's taken four years to get to the third year of his degree. When he's not making bad decisions regarding life he's busy being a mass consumer of Chicken Tikka. He now seeks validation by making strangers laugh.
The Comedy Store

Timur Mamedov:

The pioneer, founder and the legend of club and trance culture in Russia. Had been a DJ since 1994. Plays on the biggest parties in Goa since 1996. The founder and producer of the first Moscow techno/trance Aero dance club (1994­ 1996), and underground party Pointless, Chill Out planet, Plasma. 1994 - ­2000­ the head leader of Aero dance Corporation, the main party production organization of Russia. Created more than 400 events, including Earth dances and Orbital Moscow (1­6) ­ the biggest In­door annual electronic festival in the world (40000 people) . Brought over in Moscow more than 50 foreign dj’s and musicians.

Since 2008 Timur Mamedov, one of the top Dj on the trance scene (As X.P.Voo Doo) began to
experiment with alternative dance genres. His musical adventures in Psy Tech and Deep House,
spiced up with Goa trance vibe were delightfully met by ecstatic crowd in the biggest and
legendary clubs of Ibiza, Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Delhi, Mumbai, Rome, Milano, San Paolo,
Barcelona, Berlin and many more. His own recognized style and performing attitude made him a
wanted guest DJ for line-ups of most selected top techno parties around the globe. His music
passion is wide and the only things he never allows in his sets are commercial pop hits and boring rhythms. Professional musician’s education allows him confidence to pass through various genres and create bright and memorable hypnotic submerge into the magic World of Dance. Every set that he performs is a unique harmonic combination of styles and sounds.

Since 2000 he lives in Goa. Organizer of the biggest Goa dance events, including Hill Top NY
festivals, Psychedelic World Wide Gathering, Russian Christmas Fests, Aquarius, Rush In New Year for few years. X.P. was an art director and partner of West end Club and Hippies Ocean Café. Released 3 compilation "HI­TECH PLEASURES", HI­TECH PLEASURES, level 2 on Crystal Matrix (Portugal) in and 2004 and 2006 and ”FULL POWER” on Sirius Records ( Japan) (2007) and numerous amount of his own tracks on different labels worldwide. From 2007 the leader and mastermind of Goa Freaks Community and main host of www.goa-freaks.com – the biggest web info portal dedicated to alternative Goa lifestyle.


At a time when people from entirely different sub-Cultures and prototypes of music are finding

Common ground in the form of sexy sounds and Fresh electronic beats Arsh is giving them exactly. What they need – Groovy, Intelligent dance music. He believes that playing music with this level of Intensity is one of the only ways left to push the Existential boundaries that all our minds seem to Be ridden with, further into the realm of non-Existence. He believes that the very essence of. This music lies in its lack of boundaries and probably never stops till he’s opened enough minds. To the madness that lies latent within us all. Enter his wonderfully organic abyss for music that is designed to feather your feet and help you fly.



TIMUR MAMEDOV, Supporting Act by Arsh
04 Sat
Dj Freeze

Lives on sounds and was seduced by the wonderful world of Electronic Dance Music early in the 90s as a teenager..
when he stumbled across clubs in Mumbai, he immediately immersed himself into the Dance culture..That is where he 
learned about mixing & started buying & collecting cds, records building his music library!! For 3 years he spun at major 
hotspots of Mumbai like the legendary J49,blue camel, Grand Canyon, Rasberry rhinocerous, etc.. till his thirst for music & 
new audience took him to Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Bangalore, where he played for 4 more years carving a niche for himself & 
working hard 7 days a week..Freeze"s love for music made his pastures wider when he went back to his hometown Mumbai 
and worked hard eventually winning the prestigious All INDIA DMC & Times Music "War Of The DJs" 2003. The winning of this title 
opened avenues for him,to be able to prove his mettle & experiment & develope his own Unique style making him an iconic 
Dj for generations to follow in India!!

After 18 years of experimentation & empiricism with various genres,he found his calling in Electronic Dance Music!! Now he 
spins a fresh blend of house music ranging from funky to uplifting,progressive,Techno to all shades of Electronic Dance music!!.
Freeze isn"t a methodical Dj adhering to convention in his sets,,he is spunky enough to incorporate scratching, cutting, pushing 
accapellas, samples while he spins..

He doesn"t just plays to the crowd,he enraptures them by completely immersing himself into music & becomes a part of the 
crowd.this very trait enables him to play exactly what the crowd expects without losing the overall pulse ensuring the crowd is in 
a TRIP!! Having played at many of the National & Overseas leading clubs in Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, Dubai, Bahrain, 
Katmandu (Nepal) as a resident & Guest Dj.Freeze has travelled & has left a lasting impression on club goers with his bouncy, 
pumping, cutting edge sets & his trademark smile :) leaving the crowd craving for more!!
On the production front, Freeze has been working on his debut album due to release in 2014!!
Freeze is a package ready to be ripped open, Music is his life & Djing for him has been an exhilarating ordeal, and a colourful 
journey towards eminence..

DJ Russel

With nearly two decades in the field of music, DJ Russel can leverage his experience to read a crowd. Every night with DJ Russel is one of surprises, innovativeness, and pure music. 

Having kept up with the changing circuit, his skills extend from Retro to Rock, Hip-Hop to House, Bollywood and beyond. His style of playing is matchless. Be it rock or retro, if it’s the rare stuff you want to hear, you’ll hear it from his console. His hip-hop tunes cause dancers to play a game of 'move and sway with me. His house music spins stories right before your eyes. No matter the genre, his tunes keep you coming back for more
megaFROG Saturday ft. DJ Freez & DJ Leon Russell
05 Sun
Growing up under the influence of Goa in the nineties, and the warehouse parties of east London helped define his style, and 2 years after getting into production he was recognized by Karan (Third Eye); with whom he now runs 3rd eye records. He is Third Eye’s only live artist, and has played along side names such as GMS, Shiva Joerg, XP Voodoo, Chicago, Xerox, Z-Machine, XSI- Bionix, Talamasca, CPU plus many many more in and around the Goa season. Catch his debut album releasing on third eye records in the coming months, plus various singles doing the rounds at the moment. Check the downloads section of the site for some free promo tracks by him.

"Boombaba" a.k.a Tarun is the moniker of Mumbai based Dj/producer Tarun Shahani who started producing electronic music after being inspired by meeting Delhi based duo Midival Punditz. Seeing them use early sequencers like Cakewalk to produce electronic beats and Melodies made him realize how it was actually possible to be a band by yourself and create music solely on a computer. Up until then he was djing and working with MTV as a host for shows like ClubMtv.

 from one of the World’s party havens - Goa, India was born in the late 80s. His induction to DJ’ing came through trance , full on twilight at the age of just 14 and later progressed into different genres of music.

For nearly 10 years now he has played for some of renowned clubs and party places in India and around the globe. 

is a psychedelic trance duo project project by Adnan Ahmed and Harish Chavali. They started listening to trance music and attending trance parties since the age of 15, By the age of 18 they started traveling to various cities around india including goa and the himalayan mountains.They started attending a lot of the big acts in the psychedelic trance genre including artists like Raja ram , Chicago , 1200 mics , GMS , Astrix , Azax Syndrom , Ananda Shake , Tristan , Laughing Buddha , Fearsome Engine , Avalon , Sonic Species , Killerwatts , Ajja , Cosmosis , Burn in Noise , Earthling , Sesto Sento , U-recken, Talamasca and many more. The main objective of this project to set a vibe on the dancefloor that reminds the people what one-ness is all about, and with the help of the fresh new tunes and energy that they possess its always a delight to watch them in action. On their way to music production, they have involved in making a lot of dj sets varying from full on / goa/ progressive psychedelic music. As of now both the members are getting deeper into sound and getting into music production very soon.
Tune squad.
Hiltop & blueFROG presents Indus experience Promo Party
MON 07 Tue

Club Closed

08 Wed

Nic Fanciulli is a DJ, producer and label owner who has remained one of the UK’s finest exports in electronic music throughout the last decade.  One of the last DJs to break through to international acclaim on the strength of his DJ’ing alone, Nic has since gone on to establish his own imprint, Saved Records, a label that remains proudly at the forefront of electronic music today. An important purveyor of international, underground house and techno, Saved has become a global brand, renowned for cutting-edge releases and standout events around the globe. In early 2014 Saved will celebrate their 100th release. No easy achievement in the modern climate, it will be marked by a special release which will deliver a mixture of the biggest names in dance music alongside a selection of the hottest emerging talent around – highlighting the ethos that the label has always stayed true to throughout the years.

A Grammy nominated producer in his own right, Nic has worked with artists as diverse as Underworld, Kylie Minogue, U.N.K.L.E, Loco Dice, Josh Wink and Tracey Thorn. He’s also produced a plethora of solo tracks that have received huge critical acclaim in addition to unleashing a heady collection of memorable remixes, including his recent rework of Adam Beyer’s “Take me Away” on Truesoul. Now releasing on the likes of Rejected and Souvenir as well as Saved of course, Nic is responsible for a high output of a sleek, intelligent yet driving strain of house and techno.

Despite becoming a household name in his early twenties, Nic has always maintained a humble and down to earth approach throughout his career. Bearing a strong connection to his hometown of Maidstone and its people, Nic has been staging stellar events there throughout his whole career, perhaps none so proudly as when unveiling his own bespoke festival, The Social in summer 2013. But it is his genuine and unreserved love for the scene and bringing through new talent that has given Nic the longevity to remain at the top for so long.

ultra worldwide & resistance presents around the world with nic fanciulli - mumbai presented by submerge
09 Thu 10 Fri
A Techno/Tech and Progressive House specialist; his body of work covers a vast spectrum of electronic sounds effortlessly.Ankytrixx's infectious musicality spells out top-notch outings and his energetic forward thinking sets transcend us with reckless abandon. John Digweed, Dave Seaman, to Guy J, Henry Saiz, Armin Van Buren, Richie Hawtin, Axwell, Spartaque and Dubfire are just some of the renowned names Ankytrixx has shared consoles with. 

The swankiest venues in India- The Blue Frog, Aurus, Bardo, Roxy, Lap, Pacha, F Bar, B Bar see him playing out DJ sets as a regular feature. Ankytrixx is also stamping his signature DJing sets at smaller untouched territories of India as well. Along with a residency at top beach club BARDO in Goa under his own brand of "Monday Underground", these customised parties have stamped his brand and authority in immense popularity and a must attend in the season calendar. 

He co-runs a company by the name of Audiophile Network, an agency which handles artists, events and customised concepts in the nightlife entertainment segment of India. 
Ankytrixx & Bram Fidder
11 Sat

Going back in time to London ’88, this party girl had an urge to mix and started playing around with vinyl just for the sheer fun of it. 10 years on from there and her passion for playing music brought her to take her first steps in making a career out of DJing, debuting at a free party in India, she immediately experienced the rush of mixing her favorite tunes together at high volume to a dance floor, and returning to London in ’98 she kick started a nice little underground party calledDoolally, going on to work hand in hand with UK legendary labels Transient and Dragonfly, Sally Doolally was born. As her musical journey continued to evolve, Sally homed in on German label Plastik Park becoming their label DJ in 2004. Two years on representing the German imprint, Sally landed the job as Label Director of Plastik Park, working as the right hand for D-Nox, and managing the label together they kept it at the forefront of the Progressive scene.

Sally now has over 15 years of experience on the international circuit and has played in more than 20 countries and on all continents, stoking up dance floors from Paris to Helsinki and Jakarta to Tel Aviv. Originally hailing from UK, Sally has been a resident in Germany for over 10 years. She has an international resume of parties and festivals to impress the most hardy traveler and partier; from an intimate gathering in the Himalayas to rocking 20,000 people crowds, Sally Doolally’s achievements as a DJ are rich and diverse. Sally has given her heart and hands in building many party organizations over the years, her current project being Techno Con Carne in Cologne. 

Festivals which Sally has played at: Antaris-Project (Germany 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007), Boom Festival (Portugal 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014), Dance-A-Delic (Belgium 2004), Dreamweavers (New Zealand 2002), Eclipse 2012 (Australia 2012), Exodus (Australia 2005), Freedom Festival (Portugal 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013), Fusion Festival (Germany 2003, 2006 & 2009), Koh Phangan 2002 (Thailand 2001-2002), Lovefield (Germany 2003), Outback Eclipse Festival (Australia 2002), Voov-Experience (Germany 2003 & 2007), Vuuv Festival (2009 & 2012), Wonderland (Germany 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia 2000, 2005, 2006 & 2008), Shiva Moon (Germany 2003), Soulclipse (Turkey 2006), Spirit Base Festival (Austria 2006, 2008) and Summer Dreaming (Australia 2002).
Tech House
Sally Doolally
12 Sun
Stretching languidly over 5 hours, the brunch is nothing short of decadent. With over 50 dishes to choose from you would need many Sundays to sample everything on offer. The open bar includes a whole range of cocktails, champagne cocktails, martinis and fruit juices.

The Sunday brunch at blueFROG is the only brunch in town with live music and dancing. It is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones, over a variety of board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga. The blueFROG Sunday brunch - a game the whole family can play!
Sunday Brunch + miniFROG with fun activities for kids.
LOAD SHEDDING – this is a hilarious yet scathing satire, where a Worli lamppost 
dramatizes from his lofty perch, the goings on of various political parties in the 
name of city betterment.
Written by Farhad Sorabjee
Directed by Nadir Khan
Performed by Anand Tiwari

BASH - A young Pune couple, narrate an incident that starts out innocently but 
takes a bizarre, quite violent turn.
Adapted and Directed by Rahul daCunha
Performed by Neil Bhoopalam & Preetika Chawla

HELLO CHECK - a flighty glamourous wannabe Oshiwara housewife,  gushes to 
the media about her many social and socialite achievements.
Written & Directed by Rahul da Cunha
Performed by Anu Menon

Job Interview – A Parsi gent with failing eyesight goes for an interview to be an 
airline pilot. The stakes are high. His nerves are shot.
Adapted & Directed by Rahul da Cunha
Performed by Sohrab Ardeshir

I  N  T  E  R  V  A  L ( 15 mins)

AABODANA  -   About two people struggling to keep the balance between finding 
love and losing themselves in the chaos that is life in a big city
Written by Purva Naresh
Directed by Akarsh Khurana
Performed by Preetika Chawla & Anand Tiwari

CREADO, CONSTANCE - A middle aged widow finds new salvation in the eyes of a 
blind young man
Adapted and Directed by ArghyaLahiri
Performed by Shernaz Patel

DEAR RICHARD – an angry, exhausted airline traveler writes an open letter to 
the owner of Virgin Atlantic on the state of inedible airline food
Written by Oliver Beale
Adapted by Nadir Khan and Akarsh Khurana
Directed by Nadir Khan
Performed by Rajit Kapur

INSTANT BEHOSH – a Pakistani terrorist holed up in a Dongri hotel, tells us why 
he hates his compatriot Ajmal Kasab and is convinced he will be on the next 
season of BIG BOSS
Written and Directed by Rahul da Cunha
Performed by Amit Mistry
Theatre at the FROG presents One on ONE
MON 14 Tue
Electro House
Early Set By Shona Dias
Free entry
The blueFROG Bar Night is an evening devoted to the blueFROG community. Regulars as well as newcomers can come over every Tuesday for a night of mingling, bonding and chilling out. Make it your weekly hangout zone where people become familiar, prices are great and the music is always upbeat and recognisable. There are great deals on F&B including quarters all night (starting at Rs. 500 plus taxes), beer buckets (starting at Rs. 650 plus taxes) and cocktail pitchers (Rs. 1500 plus taxes) plus wine at retail prices (i.e. same as wine shop prices). Also check out our range of Craft Beers from Gateway Breweries. In music we're going old school and commercial with blueFROG's own DJ Leon Russell. So come on down to the blueFROG Bar Night. Make it YOUR night!
ElectronicHouse more
The blueFROG Bar Night feat. DJ Leon Russell
Free entry
15 Wed

Club Closed

16 Thu
The Other People
With eight years of professional performances under their belt, 'The Other People' is India's pop/rock sensation. Playing a varied range of popular covers, this six-member band has been making waves at clubs, concerts and private events across the country. Currently, they are also taking steps to write and compose original music. The band is known for its energetic and exciting performances!

The Other People were formed in July 2004. Familiar in and around the club circuit, they have played at celebrated venues such as The blueFROG and Hard Rock Café, Opus, Amadeus, Shiro, V Spot Cafe, etc.

Eight decades ago a group of ladies in Mumbai decided to 
focus their time and talents to raise funds for the needy 
and underprivileged. Amongst their many activities, they 
also organized musical concerts to appreciative 
audiences.  The funds collected financed their charitable 
activities, which were mainly, medical, educational and 
Since then, the Club has grown from strength to strength 
over the years. We channelise part of our funds to the 
marginalized rural population of Maharashtra - financing 
rain water harvesting, clean drinking water and other 
welfare projects, mainly in Raigad & Panvel districts.
The other important programme of the Club is giving 
financial aid to children & adults for curative cancer. Every 
year we see a dramatic rise of Leukemia the blood cancer 
amongst the children.  Most of these children are from the 
rural areas and come to Mumbai for help.  The medical 
cost of each child ranges from Rs.3.00 to Rs.5.00 lakhs. 
All this aid has been made possible through the generosity 
of our donors, patrons, members and wellwishers.  From 
April, 2009 to March, 2011 the Club has disbursed over 
Rs.2.00 crores for medical, educational & rural relief.
Time and Talent presents The Other People
17 Fri

Leon 'Avalon' is from London England, He started Djing in 2003 and began music production in 2006. His first album release was “Reality Check” as part of the Reality Grid duo with EVP in 2007 on Wildthings records. After this Leon decided to go solo and focus on his solo project Avalon, it was during this time he was signed up by Nano records where he released his debut solo album "Distant Futures' in 2010. The album was huge success worldwide and charted number one on beatport, with every track in the Top ten. Since then Avalon has released numerous other Ep's and compilation tracks on labels such as TIP world, Hommega, Spun, Neurobiotic, Alchemy, all charting top 10 with a few number ones on Beatport

After the album release Avalon has been touring non-stop globally, and has played over 30 countries in the last year at the most prestigious festivals such as Universo Paralello, Ozora, Boom, Tribe, Sunbrun, Tribaltech, Kaballah, Indigo Festival, Global Warming, Glade, Ultra Music festival, Antaris, Burning Mountain, Aurora, Burning man, Eclipse2012 Oz, Indian Spirit, Time and Space, Resonance, Freqs of Nature and many more.

In the studio Avalon has been remixed by, remixing and invited to work with some of the biggest names in the scene, including Astrix, Domestic, Pixel, Loud, Zen Mechanics, Captain Hook, Laughing Buddha, Cosmosis, Dickster, Burn in noise, Lucas, Xerox and Illumination, Waio, Symbolic, Headroom.

In 2011 Avalon teamed up with Tristan to form a new powerhouse project called Killerwatts. the two Nano heavyweight trance masters have just finished and released there debut Album 'Blow your mind' on Nano records and have already been causing explosions on dance floors worldwide. Shortly to follow this year is the Avalon Rmx album, and a 2nd solo project has just been formed by Avalon called Future Frequency. Which will be progressive trance, first track out with Zen Mechanics on Sourcecode records this year.

Big news just in is Avalon and Sonic Species are teaming up to do a progressive project called Future Frequency. The debut track from FF with Zen mechanics 'Naked stoned exalted' was a huge hit this summer. These are two hot young talents currently causing a big stir in the trance world. Expect big things. The album is underway!

Avalon (nano record) *UNIVERSAL RELIGION promo party*
18 Sat
DJ SA is India's premier HipHop/Trap DJ, voted India's bestHip-Hop DJ at the inaugral VH1MyFav Awards in the past, Sa hastaken Hip-Hop music to a wholenew level in the country.Having a key role in promotingHip Hop/Trap music, Dj Sa can beseen performing regularly at clubsall around the country. 2013 sawDj SA playing the NH7Weekender,Pune with ravereviews. Furthermoreappearances at the NH7Shakedown parties as well as hisown signature night "Fresh" sawhim crate digging into his roots toget Hip Hop the attention itdeserves.Opening for the likes of Akon,Charmillionaire, KardinalOfishall, Sean Kingston, SnoopDogg (Lion), MIMS and DJ Green Lantern resulting in collaboration withUniversal Music to promote all their hip hop albums across India in the past.More recently opening for "DJ Mick" at VH1's signature event "Hip HopHustle" as well as providing support to bass music kingpin "Flux Pavilion"further cements his status as a key player in Indian club culture.
UnCensored Feat. DJ SA
19 Sun
Stretching languidly over 5 hours, the brunch is nothing short of decadent. With over 50 dishes to choose from you would need many Sundays to sample everything on offer. The open bar includes a whole range of cocktails, sparkling wine cocktails, martinis, beer, wine and fruit juices.

The Sunday brunch at blueFROG is the only brunch in town with live music and dancing. It is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones, over a variety of board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga. The blueFROG Sunday brunch - a game the whole family can play!

Sunday Brunch + miniFROG with fun activities for kids.
MON View April
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