blueFROGGIES get out of the urban jungle and hit the nature trail! The Frog Walk in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. July 25th, 2011

blueFROG is undertaking a project to study Frog habitats, being blueFROG after all…but more importantly the Frog, because it breathes through its skin, is actually a very accurate barometer of climate change. When Frogs start dying out, we know that their immediate habitat has become contaminated. We want to learn hands-on what pollution and indiscriminate destruction of natural habitats can do to the planet’s climate and to what detriment, as species continue to die out, forests shrink and natural disasters abound.

So on Monday July 25th, 2011, a grey, drizzly day, 30 enthusiastic blueFROGGIES trekked through the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a well-known Frog habitat and one of the water catchment areas feeding Bombay. Not only did we learn about and see Frogs, we saw exotic varieties of crabs, spiders (including a pregnant female tarantula who was not happy to see us!), butterflies, caterpillars and numerous species of plants, ferns and exotic flowers. We handled abandoned spider homes, smelled wild turmeric leaves and stood ankle deep in a stream while being educated on the importance of preserving habitats and the ecological impact of the legal and illegal trade in Frogs’ legs. Though our jeans were damp when we left, our spirits certainly weren’t! And we’re determined to spread the word about habitat and Frog preservation!
We’re going to be holding a series of these walks that will be informative and educational, yet fun! Watch this space!

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‘Dharavi Rocks’ workshop with Banda la Republica and kids from Acorn Foundation. Sun July 24, 2011

Dharavi Rocks is a joint project between Acorn Foundation and blueFROG, Mumbai, connecting the educational and ‘fun’ aspects of music to important environmental issues. Call it ‘Education through Recreation’. blueFROG has, over the last year, been conducting workshops called ‘Dharavi Rocks’ with the children from ACORN (children from the rag picker community in Dharavi), other NGOs and local and International schools; and various artists from all over the world who perform at blueFROG. The workshops comprise vocal exercises and creating musical instruments from scrap material, culminating in the kids and artists performing together.

The MISSION is to give kids a voice by initiating them into music, bringing positive creative experiences into their lives and creating a bond between communities (we bring together kids from marginalised and affluent communities to gain an understanding of each other).
We believe that music makes a difference. It educates, improves learning skills, self-discipline, self-confidence, encourages teamwork, improves social skills, temperament and community life.

The next Dharavi Rocks is with super fun Colombian band Banda la Republica who will be teaching Latin grooves to the kids.

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