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MON 24 Tue
The blueFROG Bar Night is an evening devoted to the blueFROG community. Regulars as well as newcomers can come over every Tuesday for a night of mingling, bonding and chilling out. Make it your weekly hangout zone where people become familiar, prices are great and the music is always upbeat and recognisable. There are great deals on F&B including quarters all night (starting at Rs. 500 plus taxes), beer buckets (starting at Rs. 650 plus taxes) and cocktail pitchers (Rs. 1500 plus taxes) plus wine at retail prices (i.e. same as wine shop prices). Also check out our range of Craft Beers from Gateway Breweries. In music we're going old school and commercial with blueFROG's own DJ Leon Russell. So come on down to the blueFROG Bar Night. Make it YOUR night!
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The blueFROG Bar Night feat. DJ Leon Russell The blueFROG Bar Night feat. DJ Leon Russell
25 Wed
Sonali Thakker:
A dance enthusiast and a "curator of her closet" who is currently working towards being a CA...so of course being a comedian was the next logical step.

Jaideep Singh Juneja:
Jaideep Singh Juneja aka JD is the funniest sardar since Manmohan Singh. His parents wanted him to be an astronaut when he grows up so that he can go to outer space and find his real parents. Sadly he never grew up!

Sourav Ghosh:
Sourav is a Kolkata based stand up comic & Radio Personality. His Genre is a hybrid between Observational & Surreal styles of comedy often switching between one liners & story telling with diverse subjects such as the Indian Culture, Hindu-Muslim conflict, Durga Puja, Traffic hassles, Girlfriend issues & Superhero movies!
He is a regular with the city’s only English Stand up group, Kalkutta Komedians & has his own radio Show on Fever 104 FM.

Neville Bharucha:
What do you get when you combine Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Hugh Grant? Not Neville Bharucha. Neville puts the 'arse' in Parsi and he is 24 going on 14. Known as Mr. South Bombay, he is quite the womanizer (at least his mother says so). He always hits punch lines, sadly he hasn't managed to hit puberty yet. Neville's goal is to single handedly replenish the Parsi race. Sources say it's going to be a lot more 'single-handed' than he expected.
Best In Stand-Up Comedy: LOCAL HEROES Best In Stand-Up Comedy: LOCAL HEROES
The Enrico Zanisi trio consists of a collective of three immensely talented musicians; Enrico himself on Piano, Joe Rehmer on Bass and Allesandro Paternesi on Drums. When you listen to Enrico Zanisi’s brand new record KEYWORDS, the first words that come to mind are: inventiveness, talent, musicality, technique, fusion and courage. The very young pianist from Rome showcases an amazing maturity in leading his trio throughout this kaleidoscopic album.
Enrico Zanisi Trio- Enrico Zanisi Trio- "KEYWORDS" (Italy)
26 Thu
F&B Special Packages for WC Semi Final Screening:

Lunch with Unlimited BEER for Inr. 1499/- All Inclusive

starter platter,
choose one salad from 4 options,
choose one main course from 4,
desert platter

Lunch with Premium Liquor for Inr. 1999/- All Inclusive
starter platter, 
choose one salad from 4 options, 
choose one main course from 4, 
desert platter
World Cup India Vs. Australia Semi Finals Live Screening World Cup India Vs. Australia Semi Finals Live Screening
Nikhil D’Souza is a talented guitarist and singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India. 
Nikhil’s genre and musical style can be loosely defined as eclectic acoustic guitar 
based pop. His songs have a full melodic quality to them due to his use of alternative 
tunings (favored by such artists as Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley). Nikhil's major 
musical influences have been Sting and Jeff Buckley.
Over the past few years Nikhil has been co-writing with different writers, performing 
solo as well as with his band and working hard at developing his songwriting and 
performance skills. During this time he has performed many shows across India as 
well as Europe, US and Australia.
Recently, Nikhil has been travelling back and forth to Nashville to co-write with award 
winning songwriter Jeff Cohen. They have been busy writing and recording songs for 
Nikhil's US launch in 2015. Whilst in India Nikhil is in the studio most days recording 
tracks for film and TV commercials, most evenings he is perfoming live for his large 
indian following across the country.
Nikhil had to be brave to get to this level, quitting his secure day job as a Geologist to 
pursue music full time. The strength of his original songs, the beautiful tones and 
range of his voice together with his attractive image and looks are all the ingredients 
of a rising international star.
Rolling Stones Music Magazine in India has favorably featured Nikhil’s music several 
times: Neha Sharma from Rolling Stone said “D’Souza’s strength as a songwriter is 
well established in his numerous gripping compositions. Most of his songs shiver with 
this arresting melancholy as his falsetto glides over twangy guitar riffs”.
Uday Benegal, the host and initiator of Tuborg Acoustic Adventure TV series (which 
Nikhil performed for) was quoted in Rolling Stone as saying “Any new artist 
performing at Acoustic Adventures, needless to say, will be the best.”
India Today also included Nikhil as part of their “Faces of the Future,” and he was 
recently featured on MTV’s COKE Studio series.
A distinctive feature of Nikhil D’Souza and his music is the strong emphasis on 
touching, melodic vocals and lyrics, backed up by skilled and unconventional guitar. 
Nikhil is the artist we have all been craving for and now this star is ready to rise
Nikhil Dsouza Band. Special Appearance by Nicholson. Opening Act: Tejas Menon Nikhil Dsouza Band. Special Appearance by Nicholson.…
India's most prominent bass music producer NUCLEYA released a brand new EP 'Koocha Monster' on October 14th at the beginning of the Indian gig season. One of the early proponents of the now-popular genre of Dubstep in India, NUCLEYA has built on that start to emerge as one of the most exciting, experimental and engaging producers in the Indian scene in the past five years. He has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, focussing on sounds and textures that are Indian in sound but international in appeal. His new EP 'Koocha Monster' explores global BASS and cements NUCLEYA’s position as the Indian leader in the ‘global bass’ movement, as he continues to look to the future for new sounds. He has performed at numerous music festivals around the world including Glastonbury (UK), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK), Lille 3000 (France) and the Electron Festival (Switzerland), where he performed alongside artists like Diplo and Modeselektor.
28 Sat
Rahul Subramanian:
Tamilian, Brahmin, Vegetarian, Engineer, MBA, Married.. He is basically everything that could have gone wrong with someone...

Nick Pillow:
Yes you read that name correctly. Nick hails from a small inconsequential island off the south coast of England, and has been working in Mumbai since last July as a theatre teacher in an international school. He has realised that the the main role of the British in India these days is to be laughed at, so he became a stand up comedian.

Sonali Thakker:
A dance enthusiast and a "curator of her closet" who is currently working towards being a CA...so of course being a comedian was the next logical step.

Jaideep Singh Juneja:
Jaideep Singh Juneja aka JD is the funniest sardar since Manmohan Singh. His parents wanted him to be an astronaut when he grows up so that he can go to outer space and find his real parents. Sadly he never grew up!

Mikhail Almeida:
Mikhail is a writer, stand up comedian, improviser and a 21 year old student that's taken four years to get to the third year of his degree. When he's not making bad decisions regarding life he's busy being a mass consumer of Chicken Tikka. He now seeks validation by making strangers laugh.
Best In Stand-Up Comedy
The Other People
With eight years of professional performances under their belt, 'The Other People' is India's pop/rock sensation. Playing a varied range of popular covers, this six-member band has been making waves at clubs, concerts and private events across the country. Currently, they are also taking steps to write and compose original music. The band is known for its energetic and exciting performances!

The Other People were formed in July 2004. Familiar in and around the club circuit, they have played at celebrated venues such as The blueFROG and Hard Rock Café, Opus, Amadeus, Shiro, V Spot Cafe, etc.

DJ Russel
With nearly two decades in the field of music, DJ Russel can leverage his experience to read a crowd. Every night with DJ Russel is one of surprises, innovativeness, and pure music. 

Having kept up with the changing circuit, his skills extend from Retro to Rock, Hip-Hop to House, Bollywood and beyond. His style of playing is matchless. Be it rock or retro, if it’s the rare stuff you want to hear, you’ll hear it from his console. His hip-hop tunes cause dancers to play a game of 'move and sway with me. His house music spins stories right before your eyes. No matter the genre, his tunes keep you coming back for more
Retro Night: The Other People & DJ Leon Russell
29 Sun
Stretching languidly over 5 hours, the brunch is nothing short of decadent. With over 50 dishes to choose from you would need many Sundays to sample everything on offer. The open bar includes a whole range of cocktails, champagne cocktails, martinis and fruit juices.

The Sunday brunch at blueFROG is the only brunch in town with live music and dancing. It is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones, over a variety of board games like Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga. The blueFROG Sunday brunch - a game the whole family can play!
Sunday Brunch + miniFROG with fun activities for kids.
Dhruv Sangari is a renowned Sufi music performer in India. He was trained and also given guidance by the legendary Qawwali and Classical maestro late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali 
Khansaheb. He is part of the “Rooh” Ensemble based in New Delhi, India. The troupe shall be paying tribute to the late maestro by performing the timeless poetic works of the great master, embodying the mystic message of peace, love and joy.
 Tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan by Dhruv Sangari
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