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MON 15 Tue
Watch What happened
Published by HarperCollins India this is the story of Ila Isham, a Mumbai teen who embarks on a mission to get her single mother dating again. It's a humorous story that appeals to mothers of daughters, daughters of mothers, with their male counterparts rolling their eyes from a safe distance...whatever safe means...!!

This book will appeal to Bombayites, Cathedralites and all of you with a funny bone. You are the author's inspiration.

Please join us on Tuesday April 15th for a fun look at the crazy real life characters and situations that have inspired this story. Guaranteed - there will be characters and scenarios that you recognise all too well! The author will also perform a side-splitting stand-up comedy routine and will be signing copies of the book.
Book Launch: Operation Mom. How I Got My Mother A Life & A Man by Reenita Malhotra Hora Book Launch: Operation Mom. How I Got My Mother A Life…
The blueFROG Bar Night is an evening devoted to the blueFROG community. Regulars as well as newcomers can come over every Tuesday for a night of mingling, bonding and chilling out. Make it your weekly hangout zone where people become familiar, prices are great and the music is always upbeat and recognisable.

There are great deals on F&B including quarters all night, beer buckets and cocktail pitchers plus wine at retail M.R.P. (i.e. same as wine shop prices). Plus check out our newly launched range of Craft Beers from Gateway Breweries at a special introductory price starting from Rs. 200 plus taxes.

In music we're going old school and commercial. Popular cover band Jukebox will be performing and will play anything from Bob Dylan to Rihanna! 

So come on down to the blueFROG Bar Night. Make it YOUR night! Entry is free!
The blueFROG Bar Night The blueFROG Bar Night
16 Wed
blueFROG and action sports footwear brand VANS are pleased to announce the second edition of Vans’s global property, the ‘House of Vans’. The first edition of the ‘House of Vans’ debuted at blueFROG in February. House of Vans evenings at blueFROG feature Indie bands from a cross genre music line up, street art, photography, extreme sports and more. In addition, there will be music workshops and contests. This House of Vans evening at blueFROG features the power packed Shaa'ir + Func with the luminescent Monica Dogra and super talented Randolf Correa as well as eclectic DJ Project AlgoRhythm. You can also customise your very own Vans T Shirt at the Custom design Tees stall, where Riya Kuwelker of Design company Pink Elephink along with blueFROG will be creating cool graphics for your T shirt customisation. Remember to come early, as there are limited T shirts up for grabs and they're free

Visual Wizards wolves will be doing a visual mapping set up in keeping with the Customised T shirt theme. It's turning out to be an insane audio visual experience that will blow your mind!  

Shaa'ir + Func
Shaa’ir and func formed in 2005, when Randolph Correia and Monica Dogra met accidentally at a party in Bombay at 5 AM.  They formed Shaa’ir + Func, and proceeded to write and release 3 albums in 4 years whilst touring the world.  

First to last, their records are named, New Day: The Love Album, Light Tribe, and Mantis.  Shaa’ir and func is considered one of India’s most successful bands in the Indie music community, for having accomplished more than most bands twice their age.  

The Sunday Guardian labeled them, “India’s Most Important Band” and “one of the defining Indie bands of our generation”.  They won the Jack Daniel Rock Awards for Best Vocalist two years in a row, and Album of The Year, with nominations for Song of the Year as well.  

The Asia Voice Independent Music Awards also nominated S+F for Best Pop/R&B song, Best Dance Electronica Song, Best Dance Act, and Most Genre Bending Track, all in 2009 after the release of their 2nd album. 

A pot-pourri of fresh, eclectic, syncopated beats peppered with some funk. That’s what you can expect from Bombay’s resident next-door DJs Paloma and Varun.

Think 80s style retro-funk, breakbot, justice, pretty lights et al as far as choice of music is concerned. And for those of you who need something a little grungier to get your feet-tapping, finger-snapping groove on there’s always the promise of a little filthy dnb and some even filthier dubstep. 
Electro PopElectronic
The House of Vans FEAT. Shaa'ir + Func & Algorhythm. The House of Vans FEAT. Shaa'ir + Func & Algorhythm.
17 Thu

Club Closed

Sanjay Manaktala
At a very young age Sanjay Manaktala started stand up comedy at Los Angeles, is now back in India with the humor ranging from observing strange advertisements to the complexities of the Java programming language.

Aadar Malik
Aadar Malik is an actor (lead in Indo-Canadian film "Under the Same Sun", to be released at various Intl. Film festivals across the world). He began performing standup comedy after portraying the character of a comic for his play, "Papier mâché petals"(thespo12 festival).
Being a musician, writer, singer, he enjoys mixing music with his comedy. An avid hater of pickup lines, he prefers impressing women with his guitar.

Vikram is a Marwari ex-investment Banker from South Bombay. Traumatized by endless excel sheets for mindless analysis for a senseless transaction, he turned to standup comedy for solace.
The Best In Stand-Up Comedy: Sanjay Manaktala, Aadar Malik & Vikram Poddar.
Ash Roy
Ash Roy’s fifteen-year career has taken him to many big stages across many big cities. It all started in the late nineties with a stint in his hometown Calcutta's mega club, Anticlock, with some legendary nights the city is still talking about. He then beat the hoards to win the 1999 DMC World DJ Regional Finals in India and his winning streak took him overseas, to the Diamond Club in Dubai the Gulf’s biggest club, where he scored a residency.

2004 saw a return to India to start the next leg of his journey. He reconnected with two old friends and fellow musicians Arjun Vagale & Ashvin Mani Sharma and together, they formed Jalebee Cartel, India’s answer to raw, real underground. 

As a producer and a DJ, Ash’s style moves through genres that range from tech-house to techno and his individual tracks haVE been supported by Kasey Taylor, Maetrik, Ambivalent and more. Ash and his band mates have been basing themselves out of Europe every summer, to have equal footing in both sides of the globe with their gigs – an annual appearance at the Fusion Festival in Germany, for instance. 
Soupherb Showcase feat. Ash Roy & Calm Chor.
19 Sat
Amogh Ranadive
Amogh Ranadive is a stand up comic, television writer and currently pretty broke. He has performed regularly at The Comedy Store and even Dattaram Apte's Chai Tapri which is 5 minutes away from his house. Being Maharashtrian, his hobbies include savouring vada pav and beating up cab drivers. The last one is not true because he doesn't have muscles. He is a multi billionaire who gives away luxury cars to his 120 person strong staff. Also, he is delusional. Slightly.

Aadar Malik
Aadar Malik is an actor (lead in Indo-Canadian film "Under the Same Sun", to be released at various Intl. Film festivals across the world). He began performing standup comedy after portraying the character of a comic for his play, "Papier mâché petals"(thespo12 festival).
Being a musician, writer, singer, he enjoys mixing music with his comedy. An avid hater of pickup lines, he prefers impressing women with his guitar.

Abbas Momin
Abbas Momin is a freelance humour writer which means he has no self respect & lives below the poverty line. He tried his hand at becoming a doctor (which is often believed to be the reason behind the dwindling fortunes of the medical fraternity) but was left with a lot of depression & low self esteem, which made him realize he’s perfect to be a comedian.

The Best In Stand-Up Comedy: Amog Ranadive, Aadar Malik & Abbas Momin
India's most prominent bass music producer NUCLEYA released a brand new EP 'Koocha Monster' on 
October 14th at the beginning of the Indian gig season. One of the early proponents of the now-popular genre of Dubstep in India, NUCLEYA has built on that start to emerge as one of the most exciting, experimental and engaging producers in the Indian scene in the past five years.

He has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, focussing on sounds and textures that are Indian in sound but international in appeal. His new EP 'Koocha Monster' explores global BASS and cements NUCLEYA’s position as the Indian leader in the ‘global bass’ movement, as he continues to look to the future for new sounds. 

Reggae Rajahs 
Reggae Rajahs are India's first reggae sound system. The crew of DJs and MCs are reggae entertainers and promoters based out of New Delhi. Formed in 2009, they have dedicated themselves to spreading the sounds of dub, reggae and dancehall music across India. 

They frequently perform at venues throughout the country and have played at festivals such as Sunburn Festival (Goa), SulaFest (Nashik), Enchanted Valley Carnival (Lonavala), Escape Festival (Naukuchiatal) and Ragasthan (Jaisalmer). They host and curate their own stage at the NH7 Weekender Festival called the ‘Dubstation’.

Reggae Rajahs have opened for Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion in New Delhi and have also shared the stage with a number of established international artists such as Dub Inc. (France), Million Stylez (Sweden), Ziggi Recado (Holland), Tippa Irie, Apache Indian, Mr. Williamz, Brother Culture, Soom T, Deadly Hunta, Mungo's HI Fi, Gaudi, Dub Phyzix (all UK), Supa Bassie & Sargento Garcia (Spain), Subatomic Sound, South Rakkas Crew (both USA) and Dreadsquad (Poland) amongst others. 
MegaFROG Saturday: Nucleya + Reggae Rajahs
20 Sun
With delicacies like Goan sausage and pork belly curry, Anglo-Indian vegetable stew and lots of your blueFROG favourites! A premium Open Bar to get those spirits soaring and quench those long parched throats. And for the kids, a special miniFROG with Easter activities and crafts. With the music of the super talented Jared Dias, this is one family outing you don't want to miss! 
The blueFROG Easter Lunch
SystemHouse 33
Samron Jude - Vocals 
Daniel DSouza - Guitar
Leon Quadros - Bass
Amogh Sharma - Drums

SystemHouse33 is the first metal band to emerge from the small Indian town of Nagpur but shifted base to Mumbai and has since captured the imagination of audiences all over the country. The band plays an interesting blend of Thrash and groove with extreme influences from different styles, including Death Metal, incorporating atmospheric parts and artistic rendering to make it a notch above the rest in terms of musical expression and presentation.  

Samron -Vocals, 
Gilroy - Guitars
Janus - Bass
Aniket - Drums

Never say die! India’s veteran thrash metal band has finally accomplished their goal. May 2008 witnessed the launch of their debut album – 'now or never’ after 12 long years, a fact the band members don’t give much weight to. In this typical rollercoaster ride of 14 years, getting a full-fledged album to see the light of the day was a tough battle for the band after numerous line-up changes and even more discouraging incidents. But, the band knew that only sticking around together was going to take them a long way and it sure did.

Raghu Raj – Drums
Vivek Bhatt – Vocals
Angad Singh – Guitar
Anubhav Rattan – Bass

Asylum is a 4 piece no-nonsense, pure groove metal band based in Mumbai.
Influenced by great bands like Devildriver, Lamb of God and Gojira, we have
one aim as a band – to keep our fans and ourselves happy with the music we
belt out. One of the unique qualities of Asylum is that all of us believe in
quality over quantity. We spend hours and hours in creating music, and only
stop when we are completely satisfied with what we have made. When we hit
the stage, though, we are all about having fun and entertaining the audience.
Metal Night: SystemHouse 33, Sceptre, Asylum
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