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MON 26 Tue
Beat the Tuesday Troubles by heading over to blueFROG. Our weekly bar nights promise great deals on F&B, superb company and hip-shaking music! 

8:30 pm - 9:30 pm || Early Set with Sonali Peres & Nathan D'Souza:

Sonali Peres, a graduate from St Xavier's College, Mumbai. She has trained in western classical vocals, participated in several college fests, performed at The Oberoi, and Leela and sung in a few choirs. She has always loved the stage and has been singing since the age of 5. She loves listening to various genres of music, retro and gospel is her favourite. She usually sings classical, pop, rock n roll, jazz and likes to experiment with other genres too.

Nathan D'souza, student at St Xavier's College, Mumbai,  part of an Acapella group, PitchBlend and a choir, Faith and Harmony. He has performed at Hard Rock Cafe, Tuning Fork, White Owl and Light House Cafe. He can sing, compose, beat box and play the guitar and piano. He loves jazz and likes to experiment with different genres.

blueFROG Bar Nights blueFROG Bar Nights
27 Wed
Offering over a decade of knowledge in the field of music, this Mumbai born DJ/ Producer/ Label Owner Leon Russell can leverage this experience to read a crowd. Having kept up with the changing circuit, his skills extend from Retro to Rock, Hip-Hop to House, and beyond. His style of playing is matchless. Be it retro or house, if its the rare stuff you want to hear, youll hear it from his console. 
Classic House
Kaleidoscope ft. Leon Russell Kaleidoscope ft. Leon Russell
Joash Benedict is a singer/song-writer, Saxophonist and guitarist. He started working with his father (Vijay Benedict of the "I am a Disco Dancer" fame) at an early age. Joash Benedict performs indie acoustic music at venues such as Blue Frog, the little door , Celebrate Bandra, Golf course Chembur , Hard rock , Ibis hotel  , Sofital Hotel , he said she said and many more. His influences are John Mayer, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews.
AlternativePop more
Tap on Thursday with Joash Benedict Band
Free entry
29 Fri

Aqua Dominatrix
Aqua Dominatrix is producer Akshay Rajpurohit’s pseudonym for an electronic avatarcomprising of free floating Synth­Pop, verging on Techno. Akshay is also a part of popular metal bands Scribe and Pangea. Aqua Dominatrix sees him leap out of his comfort zone into a world of analog synthesis. After the debut release of a 12­track album ‘Sadomist’, he played his first gig at MTV Spiro, opening for Pretty Lights in Mumbai, 2015. Aqua Dominatrix’s live performances range from nu-disco infused synthpop to dark techno and acid.

Your Chin

Your Chin is the solo project of Raxit Tweari, front man of Mumbai based indie band Sky Rabbit- that’s been building a buzz in the Indian indie scene since releasing his first self-titled EP mid-2012. The EP won the support of the scene’s dedicated fan base a well as rave reviews by music journalists. The momentum and the word of mouth helped Your Chin play a whole bunch of festivals and club dates through the res of the year and the next one. The journey started with Raxit’s love for brining varied sounds together into great composition. Your Chin has a danceable lively electro pop sound layered with muddy beats that lend his seemingly indecipherable urban lyrics a joyful complexity. Your Chin release his second EP, Scatter Nature at the start of 2014 and embarked on tour to support it in the following months. Scatter Nature was a gradual progression of his sound and made more people sit up and take notice. It is more layered and handles themes darker and more mature than the first one. Your Chin recently won “Song of the year” Award at the VH1 Soundnation Awards. He has opened for Grammy winner Gotye at the Oz Fest even in New Delhi at Blue Frog. Fall Someplace, a track from the EP was chosen as the promotional song for “A Summer’s Day” Festival headlined by Norah Jones in 2013. He has also performed at various festivals around including NH7 Weekender, Magnetic Fields, Ziro Festival of Music, India Bike Week apart from also being a regular at live gig venues across the country. 

Kumail Hamid

Kumail Hamid is a 22 year old music producer, who for six years now has been experimenting with a variety of genres which has led to his current work in what can only be classified under the ambiguous label of “electronic music”. His music boldly pushes the level of experimentation of the current “scene” beyond its club friendly confines, exploring the more ethereal regions of sound. Heavily manipulated live recordings coupled with atmospheric synths and meticulously panned rhythm sections form the fundamental characteristics of his tracks. These sonic qualities are moulded together in a variety of structures, a result of his eclectic set of influences.

Live Electronica
Krunk Showcase ft. Aqua Dominatrix, Your Chin, Kumail
30 Sat
It's your weekly dose of fun and laughter. Get ready for an evening of insane humor with Adnan Nalwala and Kunal Kamra as they narrate theirfunny tales and tickle your funny bones. Live comedy and beers, it doesn't get any better!
Live Stand-Up Comedy with Adnan Nalwala & Kunal Kamra
The Other People:

With eight years of professional performances under their belt, 'The Other People' is India's pop/rock sensation. With playing a pied range of popular covers, this six-member band has been making waves at clubs, concerts and private events across the country. Currently, they are also taking steps to write and compose original music. The band is known for performances that are full of beans!

‘The Other People’ was formed in July, 2004. They are proverbial in and around the club circuit having performed at eminent venues such as the blueFROG, Hard Rock Café, Opus, Amadeus, Shiro, V Spot Cafe etc. 
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The Last Set: Retro Night with The Other People
31 Sun
The Big Bong Theory
MON View August
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