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MON 23 Tue
Shubhangi Joshi Collective:

Shubhangi Joshi is a singer songwriter, guitarist and poet based in Mumbai. A self taught musician, she'd released her debut EP 'Talking away the night' in 2014, her music being a blend of acoustic, soul and elements of jazz. ’ The Shubhangi Joshi Collective, formed with Titus Pinto on Bass, Kush Upadhyay on lead guitars and Aamir Ismail on Drums/ Percussion, looks to explores various themes through its songwriting and musical style, with each member adding a unique element to the band's music. The band has performed at venues, festivals and been featured in media like the New Wave Asia Fest, Youtube Fanfest, The Madras Jazz Festival, Sofar Sounds, Slivki World Music Festival, VH1 Music Diaries, Cafe Zoe, Hard Rock Cafe, Blue Frog, MTV Indies, Godrej Film Festival, Thespo Festival, Prithvi Festival and many others.

Stella by Starlight:

Nostalgia, joy and heartbreak. These are a few of the emotions a Stella by Starlight performance is sure to evoke. Tirelessly carving a niche for themselves in the ever changing folk music fabric of the country, Stella by Starlight originally began its life as the living room project of guitarist and songwriter Hayden Scott. Joining forces with Nigel Rajaratnam (saxophone, melodica) Anthappan Snehala (bass) and Naama Choonawala (drums) in 2014 set the band off on an exciting new musical path. With Rhiya Jauhari (vocals) joining the party in early 2015, the lineup was complete. Today, after having played some of the biggest venues in the country, Stella by Starlight is at the cusp of its next exciting chapter. And you are invited to be a part of it. 


Nookie Jar:
Nookie Jar
are a newly formed Mumbai based trio who love making merry (both on and off stage) in the genres of blues, alternative and funk. Combining an impossible range of influences into an original sound, their line-up consists of Aarifah on drums/percussion/vox, Ralph on bass/vox and Joel on guitars/vox. 
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The Last Set with Shubhangi Joshi, Nookie Jar, Stella By Starlight & Nigel The Last Set with Shubhangi Joshi, Nookie Jar, Stella…
Get ready for the tightest pit ever, this one's the last Metal gig @blueFROG Todi Mills! We've got some heavy names on the lineup for the night - Bhayanak Maut, Nosieware, Dirge & One Last Ride Home! 


Dirge was formed in January 2014, strongly influenced by doom metal with the likes of sludge and stoner. Bands like Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, Trouble, Sleep, Melvins, Autopsy, Acid bath etc heavily influence the band's sound. Currently working on their debut album, the originals are composed on a Historic-myth-fiction lyrical theme about the resurgence of the violent Maya. This makes the music of Dirge to be maddeningly sludge driven doom with fuzzed out overdrive, ‘10000 ton’ heavy riffs, low tuned distorted basslines with screaming angst-ridden vocals. The band's current lineup consists of Tabish Khidir on vocals, Ashish Dharkar and Varun Patil on guitars, Harshad Bhagwat on bass and Prathamesh Lele on drums. 

Since its inception, Dirge has played multiple shows in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune - its hometown - and help spread the word of doom in parts of India where people were still getting familiar with the genre and has opened for international bands like Defiled - Japanese Death Metal Giants (Twice) and Psychedelic Stoner/Sludge band CHU from Kazakhstan.

One Last Ride:
One Last Ride are a Reading-based band, playing original music. Formed in 2012 and out to conquer the world, one last time!
The Last Metal Night with Bhayanak Maut, Noiseware, Dirge & Last Ride Home
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25 Thu
Reuel Benedict is a singer-songwriter and music director that started his journey with music at the young age of 8 with his father Vijay Benedict, the voice behind the popular Bollywood song ‘I Am A Disco Dancer'. To Reuel, doing music was like joining the family business.

15 years later, Reuel has opened for artists like Goldspot and played every major venue in India from Bluefrog to Hard Rock Cafe as well as travelled all over the globe to countries like the US, the UK, Trinidad & Tobago and the Netherlands singing the songs he grew up composing.  His music is a blend of blues influences coupled with beautiful hook lines that makes up an eclectic set varying from stripped down acoustic music to indiepop songs.

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FROGFEST CURTAIN RAISER ft. Sidd Coutto Experience, Adil Manuel & Friends, Siddharth Basrur & Reuel Benedict
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26 Fri

The blueFROG at Todi Mills closes its doors with a bang! 

The Festival starts Friday @6PM. 

Indus Creed
Ankur & The Ghalat Family
The Last Night with UnMute ft. Nerm (Shiva Soundsystem, U.K.), Kaos x Spryk
The Kush Upadhyay Group
Alisha Pais
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27 Sat

The blueFROG at Todi Mills closes its doors with a bang! 

The Festival starts early 5 PM on Saturday evening.

Line Up:

Midival Punditz Live ft. Papon & Kutle Khan
Dark Circle Factory
Nuphlo (U.K)
Bone Broke
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28 Sun

The blueFROG at Todi Mills closes its doors with a bang! 

The Festival starts early on Sunday @5PM!

Line up:

Dhruv Voyage
Louiz Banks Guitar Synergy
'Jazz Rock All Star Jam' by Gino Banks
Tritonik (Mauritius)
Suman Sridhar
Bodhisattwa Ghosh & Amyt Datta
Ranjit Barot
Ashu x Vivienne
Nikhil D'Souza
and many more 
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MON 30 Tue

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31 Wed

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We are open from 6 pm to 1 am
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