The Colour Compound

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The Colour Compound Coming up @ blueFROG Pune on Wednesday, 14 Jan, 2015

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The Colour Compound is a tasteful blend of Pop, Rock, Blues, R&B & everything in between. But above all of this, the band simply makes honest music, writing about optimism, women, god, loss, and life itself.

About The Colour Compound

The Colour Compound is a melting pot comprising 4 versatile musicians who bring their vibrant colours together to produce some simple yet refreshing music. The idea for the band first came about in early 2008 when Rohan Mazumdar and Bradley Tellis started jamming and writing song after song in Rohan's building compound. At the time Rohan and Bradley had just parted ways with their previous musical endeavors, ‘Something Relevant’ and ‘Thrice 9’, respectively. They soon realized that playing live is something they did not want to stop doing anytime soon.

The Colour Compound - Turn Back Time

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