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SXSW 2009 Music Video: Eol Trio - Club

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About EOL Trio

Even though all the compositions of this second album were written by the pianist and keyboard player Denis Girard, EOL Trio sounds truly like a trio – not like a composer playing with his sidemen. The 66.66% left of this extraordinary trio is made of Laurent David (playing the bass guitar) and Xavier Girard on drums.

Their music may be defined as “progressive jazz rock” and can name influences such as the E.S.T , Medeski & Wood, Emerson Lake & Palmer. One can get lost in the tunes, the amazing beat, the intimate atmosphere, the smart improvisation and the sounds (of the bass guitar and the keyboard). This band isn’t quite from the planet Earth. Far from the usual clichés and trends, a new world to discover!

SXSW 2009 Music Video: Eol Trio - Club

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