Shiva Manvi

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Shiva Manvi

@ blueFROG Church Street, Bangalore
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the bluefrog, 4A Kalka Das Marg The Kila, Seven Style Mile Bangalore110 030 India
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All about Shiva Manvi

  • Main Artist : Shiva Manvi
Following his dreams and living the life he has always wanted to, that is DJ Shiva Manvi’s motto. “Music is more than just a career for me, it’s my passion”, is what he says. Starting off very young, there is no stopping this upcoming and uber talented DJ, whose sounds are unique, out-of-the-box and dynamic. He believes in giving his 100% to his work and has set a sky high benchmark for himself.

With the right foundation and charismatic spirit to back him up, there is no limit to how far he aims to go.

To try and describe Shiva’s style of music wouldn't be doing him justice, because he does not believe in monotony. As he evolves over time, so does his music. Its funky, it’s unique and it’s progressive. It traverses them all.

It is an experience. It is a journey. So come, be a part of it.
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