Tribute to Bob Dylan by The Chronic Blues Circus

Artist Performing
The Chronic Blues Circus

@ blueFROG Church Street, Bangalore
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the bluefrog, 4A Kalka Das Marg The Kila, Seven Style Mile Bangalore110 030 India
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All about Tribute to Bob Dylan by The Chronic Blues Circus

  • Main Artist : The Chronic Blues Circus

The Chronic Blues Circus comprises of:

Owen Bosen – bass, vocals, guitar

Rajini - vocals

Raveen Panday – on vocals, Keys

Sangeetha – vocals, guitar

Aanchal – Drums, vocals

And Peter Isaac on vocals, guitar, harps and saxophone

The band is best known for their original music, a natural clean sound and unique arrangements. They are probably the only Blues band with four powerful vocalists with completely different styles. They usually play their own compositions with a few tributes to some of the Blues masters who have influenced them - mostly white blues musicians and bands - like John Mayall, Paul Butter field, The Climax Blues Band, Canned Heat, Cream, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers band, JJ Kale, The Band, Guess Who, Big Brother and The Holding Company and a few black greats like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howling’ Wolf and Robert Johnson. Woman, Sweet Nicotine, Prime time News 95 and Restless Woman are some of their early compositions from their 1996 album “Kali Yuga Blues”.

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