Whitefield Jazz Quartet

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Whitefield Jazz Quartet; Early Set …

@ blueFROG Church Street, Bangalore
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the bluefrog, 4A Kalka Das Marg The Kila, Seven Style Mile Bangalore110 030 India
Entry - Rs. 249/- per head

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  • Main Artist : Whitefield Jazz Quartet; Early Set by "Jagadeesh & & Bharath (Acoustic Set)
The Whitefield Jazz Quartet is an ensemble that plays a lot of guitar based jazz standards, Latin jazz, classic tunes and smooth jazz, from mellow ballads to uptempo samba and afro-cuban rhythms, from acoustic to electric, setting a nice mood and tone for the evening.
Line up:
Jagadeesh M.R of MoonArra on guitars
Imraan Jamal on drums
Bharat Nair on guitars
Joshua Lance on Bass

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