Les Boukakes

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Les Boukakes Canada Tour 2010

blueFROG's take on Les Boukakes

Les Boukakes have played at blueFROG in 2009, making everyone smile and dance with their high energy performance! The musicians are from Tunisia, Corsica and France, they're playing North African grooves, "rai" rock reggae, singing in French and Arabic. Their songs are about racism and politics, they won many awards, toured all over Europe and shared the stage with Manu Chao

About Les Boukakes

Since the creation in 1998, the adventure of the band LES BOUKAKES has been shared with about 20 musicians and singers coming from all over the Mediterranean sea. Their name itself is a reply to some of the less than friendly comments they received in their time on the streets, ”Boukake” being a phonetic mixture of two typical racist insults. But for them, that did not have anything of degrading, because the “ Boukake” was born during the long trip of exile, a rich child of the world and its prohibited loves.

Les Boukakes Canada Tour 2010

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