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About Luke Kenny

Luke was born in Kolkata on 14th June 1969, after which his family moved to Mumbai. He has a varied family tree, owing to which he is Irish-British-Italian, with an Indian twist! A great and passionate dancer, Luke was a part of Arshad Warsi’s dance troupe as a chorus dancer and Associate Choreographer for 2 years. He worked as a DJ for a while, before breaking into the public’s eye in 1995 when he became a VJ on Channel V. 3 years later he went to become the head of Music Programming and Artist Relations for the channel. He continued to remain at that post until 2008. That was not all that he did with Channel V.

In 2005 he resurfaced in a segment called Luke’s After Hours. It featured tracks that he picked; his choice of music videos and fantastic taste in music was appreciated a great deal. The show had a huge loyal viewership and high TRPs. It stayed on air for 3 years. Does the word Berzerker ring a bell? It is an Australian industrial death metal band, founded by Luke himself. He is the vocalist of the band. The band’s 1st album-The Berzerker released in 2000, and the latest one-The Reawakening came out in 2008.

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