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Raghu Dixit - Ambar // The Crypt Sessions

blueFROG's take on Raghu Dixit

Raghu’s method, like his music, is unique: ‘I didn’t have a tape recorder so I couldn’t listen to the songs but that limiting factor became my advantage – I would strum my guitar, hum and make melodies. Then I would read the newspaper and put stories to the melody.

About Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit’s remarkable rise has been nothing short of spectacular. The former Bharatnatyam dancer’s rousing folk rock is not only the symbol of metropolitan India’s blossoming alternative music scene, but is also making waves internationally. 

As Raghu recounts, the music that The Raghu Dixit Project makes, is a true representation of today’s India. Ethnic and rooted at the core, but at the same time, global in its outlook. Its not a surprise that Raghu has been referred to as India’s biggest cultural export of recent times.

Yet it could have turned out so differently for Raghu. Raghu didn’t touch a guitar until he was 19: ‘I was in college and a classmate, who had long hair, baggy jeans, and impressed girls by carrying a guitar and singing English songs’. 

As a bet, Raghu learnt to play a rock song on the guitar in two months. Considering Raghu came from a traditional South Indian family where Western music was not the norm (he would sneak listens of Phil Collins and Wham), this was a Herculean feat. ‘In the first few days of picking up a guitar, I knew I would do this for a living,’ recalls Raghu. 

Raghu Dixit - Ambar // The Crypt Sessions

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