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Suninga (Richard Bona)

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RICHARD BONA has become one of the most celebrated names in the realm of World-Jazz-Fusion music, followed by millions fans all over the world, he is one of the most acclaimed guitar players on the planet. Merging the soul, groove and rhythmic qualities of African music, with the cerebral, technical and intelligent wizardry of Jazz, coupled with influences from funk, pop, soul, and even Gospel, Bonahas developed a sound that is truly unique, yet accessible to music lovers from any genre.

About Richard Bona

Ever since his solo debuts in 1999, Richard Bona has defended the idea of music that’s universal: generous and accessible to all. He was born in 1967 in Minta, a tiny Cameroon village, into a family where both his mother and grandfather were singers. Richard was playing the balafon by the time he was four, and then he taught himself to play the guitar. Later, in the capital of Douala, a jazz-club owner played him records by bassist Jaco Pastorius; Richard decided he’d teach himself to play the bass as well.

Suninga (Richard Bona)

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