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Soulmate (Shillong) live at blueFROG - 20th September, 2011

blueFROG's take on Soulmate

We just love them, and we're not the only ones! Rudy is a brilliant composer and guitar player, respected by the entire music community in India, and Tips, the lead singer, has this incredible voice and a stage presence that will leave you breathless during the show.

Since 2003, they have performed all over India of course, but also at the Blues Challenge in Memphis (where they finished semi-finalists in 2007, be careful American blues kings, the Indians are coming!). They're part of the top 10 best bands in India, and their international career is now booming. We can only wish them good luck on the road, as they already have the talent and the spirit to make it big.

About Soulmate

Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues, Blues-rock, Soul, Rock ‘n Roll, Funk and R&B, SOULMATE came together in Shillong in February 2003 and since then have played numerous gigs all over India as well as abroad. They have played in Kathmandu (Jazzmandu), France; they toured the USA playing in Memphis TN., Brown University, Rhode Island & Colorado and were twice semi finalists at the 23rd & 26th International Blues Challenge, Singapore (Mosaic Music Festival), Bhutan & Indonesia (Jakarta Blues Festival). In September 2011 they did a successful 4 city tour of Norway. 

Soulmate has played alongside blues greats Buddy Guy, Johnny Lang and Shemika Copeland at the Mahindra Blues Fest in Mumbai. In March 2011, Soulmate played at the Du World Music Festival held in Dubai and from there on to the US where they sold out two shows at the Kennedy Center, in Washington DC representing India during the Massive India Festival. In September 2011 they did a successful 4 city tour of Norway. Soulmate have recorded two albums thus far, ”Shillong” and “Moving On” and are in the process of putting down songs for their next one.

Soulmate (Shillong) live at blueFROG - 20th September, 2011

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