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blueFROG is now a part of The ENPEE Group of Companies.

The ENPEE Group was founded in 1961. Since then, it has been going from strength to strength.

They started as a small trading business in Nigeria dealing in essential products and commodities and subsequently ventured into the manufacture of woven, printed and dyed textiles as well as embroidered laces. Over the years, they have diversified into a plethora of manufacturing businesses, including packaging, chemicals, cement and many other products.

They have manufacturing sites and offices in several countries across the globe.

The ENPEE group has a long term vision and is known to keep its commitments.

Sumer Vaswani, Executive Vice-Chairman and Managing Director has been a part of the group for almost a decade and has vast F&B experience from many countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia and India. Sumer has represented the ENPEE Group on the blueFROG board for 4 years. With his experience, the group is confident of growing blueFROG within India and overseas as F&B and music related venues - both owned and franchisee operated.

Sumer is in charge of the overall blueFROG brand. He is also the single point of contact between blueFROG Head Office in Mumbai, India and all franchise partners.

Due to the ambitious growth plans, the original promoters of blueFROG felt the company would be best operated by a new dynamic, professional management, hence the induction of Sumer and the ENPEE Group.

The original promoters of blueFROG continue to play an important role in an advisory capacity.

As a brand, blueFROG is iconic, known for its high service standards, quality F&B as well as inventive and cutting edge music programming. It is Sumer’s intent that these standards be maintained across all blueFROGs consistently. He hopes to grow the brand’s reputation across more cities.

Founding Partners

The founding partners of blueFROG, composer-musicians Ashutosh Phatak and Dhruv Ghanekar, film director Mahesh Mathai, film producer Srila Chatterjee and fund manager Simran Mulchandani. 5 people with varied career backgrounds, but with a shared sentiment that music can shape the entertainment canvas if it is approached the right way, marketed efficiently and given a platform to show it’s diversity.